• Anniversary

1st Anniversary!

It has been one year since the launch of the LightNode platform on May 20 last year. For such an important anniversary, we will make the following changes.

Major Update

· LightNode official website interface upgrade

· Node speed test page optimization

· User console - billing page, which can display the daily consumption of the previous hour and the remaining time of the estimated balance

· Some other bug fixes and general optimizations

Important Decision

Due to the abuse of the platform's mail service recently, many IPs have been banned. This move directly affects the user experience when purchasing a new machine or changing IP, so we decided to: 

Block port 25 by default.

If you are running a normal business and getting a clear demand for using port 25, you can contact the pre-sales to activate it. Of course, you can also modify the mail service port in the system to achieve your business work.

Question Supplement

At the same time, many users recently reported that the IP attribution of some nodes is different from the query result. We are deeply sorry for this situation.

Since everyone supports the LightNode platform strongly, we are constantly expanding new IPs for everyone.

However, after the IPs are broadcast, the relevant information will only be updated on the official whois databases such as APNIC, ARIN, and RIPE NCC. Many third-party IP query websites may not update the information in these databases in time or the information is inaccurate. Soon, we will continue to contact main third-party sites to advance the correction of the misinformation.

By the way, if you find that the IP information of any third-party site is wrong, you can also use the official database information as a certificate to send an email to remind them to make corrections.

Friendly reminder, the data update frequency on IPIP.net, and the attribution information are more accurate and can be used as a reference.

Attach the official data query address

APNIC (Asia Pacific Internet Network Information Center) https://www.apnic.net/

ARIN (North American Registry for Internet Numbers) https://www.arin.net/

RIPE NCC (European Network Information Centre) https://www.ripe.net/

Thank you for your trust and support for us over the past year. We will uphold our original intention to provide you with richer nodes, constantly improve ourselves, and bring you better services.


Team LightNode