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LightNode was established in 2002. At present, we have more than 500 employees.

LightNode is self-developed and provides the essential IT infrastructure resources such as computing, storage, network and security. We provide hybrid cloud computing services and cloud-based operations and maintenance management services based on our own intellectual property management platform.

LightNode advocates the concept of 'technology driven products, operation and maintenance driven services', and constantly introduces products and services suitable for the industry characteristics.

At present, LightNode has provided solutions and hybrid cloud services for a large number of IT deployment services in the direction of games, e-commerce, finance, pan entertainment, enterprises and institutions.

20 YearsIn Business
10 TbpsBackbone Network
Advantage Introduction Resources
Nodes across the world
Nodes across the world

Includes more than 20 global nodes, including more than 15 nodes in Southeast Asia and the Middle East

Deploy with one-click
Deploy with one-click

One-click installation and deployment, with the freedom to choose a system or application image or an existing custom image to create a hosting serverDeploy with one-click

Small billing unit
Small billing unit

All products and services are billed by the hour

Control your instances completely
Control your instances completely

All instance permissions are released, and only 25 ports are restricted

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