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Application Scenario
Blog & Forum
E-Commerce Platform
Software and services
Game server
LightNode product scenario blogs
Blog & Forum
LightNode provides a stable and secure global cloud infrastructure for developers to get a blog or forum up and running quickly, while LightNode also supports application mirrors such as WordPress, allowing you to quickly deploy your blog or forum.
LightNode product scenario e-commerce
E-Commerce Platform
With the flexible configuration at a low price, you can create more robust websites and applications for your customers at a lower cost than other hosting providers.
LightNode product scenario software
Software and services
With LightNode VPS hosting server, you can improve the stability of your SaaS applications, get the ease of use, and reduce cost.
LightNode product scenario game
Game server
LightNode provides the perfect infrastructure for games. Whether you're a studio or a person, you can use it as a dedicated game server.
Image Introduction
System Image
Application Image
Custom Image
  • UbuntuUbuntu
  • DebianDebian
  • Arch LinuxArch Linux
  • CentosCentos
  • Rocky-LinuxRocky-Linux
  • FreeBSDFreeBSD
  • MoreMore
  • CyberPanelCyberPanel
  • OpenLiteSpeed WordpressOpenLiteSpeed Wordpress
  • Cloud Panel 2Cloud Panel 2
  • UTunnelUTunnel
  • OpenLiteSpeed NodeJSOpenLiteSpeed NodeJS
  • DockerDocker
  • Ubuntu Desktop (XFCE)Ubuntu Desktop (XFCE)
  • cPanel & WHMcPanel & WHM
  • BT-panelBT-panel
  • WordpressWordpress
  • BlueStacks (pre-installed)BlueStacks (pre-installed)
  • MikroTik RouterOSMikroTik RouterOS
  • PleskPlesk

    You can create custom images based on resources or snapshots, and create new instances through custom images to reduce the time of repeated deployment.

Platform Tools
    Custom imagesCustom images

    You can create a new instance from a deployed instance or snapshot so that the new instance has the same environment and system

    Firewall groupFirewall group

    Easily help protect your infrastructure and define the services visible on your LightNode with the free Cloud Firewall. Perfect for staging and deployments.


    Snapshots are on-demand disk images of your LightNode that you can keep indefinitely and use to roll back or create new images


    Collect visible indicators and monitor the instance performance

    Block storageBlock storage

    You can increase or decrease the storage according to your business.

Operation And Maintenance Support
24/7 support
24/7 support

24/7 technical support

Technical Engineers
Technical Engineers

Professionally certified and experienced technical engineers

15 Minutes
15 Minutes

Online response within 15 minutes

4 Hours
4 Hours

95% of faults handled within 4 hours

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