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Dear users

Glad to tell you that despite the COVID-19 impact around the world, LightNode has the first node in South America.

After our constant efforts, the deployment of the Sao Paulo VPS in Brazil has finished. It is in stock from now on. It is the twentieth location we provide. And you can purchase the Sao Paulo VPS on the console as long as you want.

Get it right now

In addition, due to the newly added network segment, the IP attribution and other information of the mainstream IP query websites may not be synchronized, and we will push forward the information update as soon as possible.

You can also test the speed of our data center in São Paulo through this page:

Test speed VPS

These are the price for different configurations.

1 Core 2 GB 50GB SSD 1TB Traffic: $7.7
2 Core 4 GB 50GB SSD 1TB Traffic: $13.7
4 Core 8 GB 50GB SSD 2TB Traffic: $26.7
8 Core 16 GB 50GB SSD 2TB Traffic: $50.7
16 Core 32 GB 50GB SSD 2TB Traffic: $98.7

If you need to query IP information, you can go to http://www.ipip.net/ to query.

LightNode's best Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting with complete independent data center services. We provide enterprise-grade resources and customer support through our São Paulo Brazil VPS server.

LightNode's VPS Server offers a middle ground between affordability and power, giving you the best of the shared hosting and dedicated server worlds.

We also provide other VPS Server offers if you want to develop a web project such as a web application, web test, data transfer, etc. Just rent a VPS hosting server from us. It must satisfy you. And LightNode will provide unlimited bandwidth VPS in the future.

Why is LightNode's VPS Server the Best in Sao Paulo, Brazil?

LightNode has 20 years of experience in operation and maintenance services, making it a great choice for data center needs. With higher delivery standards for all VPS Sao Paulo, Brazil, you can expect excellent performance, speed, scalability, and security from our virtual servers. More, you can choose different operating systems, and get a control panel. If you are looking for melhor VPS no Brasil, just come to us. Choose the Best & Cheap VPS server and enjoy a fast and excellent hosting experience from LightNode.

Thank you for your attention. Not only Brasil VPS, but more popular nodes will be launched in the future, so stay tuned patiently.

If you get any issues during your experience, contact us with messages.

Team LightNode