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Silicon ValleyLightNode speed test
WashingtonLightNode speed test
FrankfurtLightNode speed test
IstanbulLightNode speed test
RiyadhLightNode speed test
DubaiLightNode speed test
BangkokLightNode speed test
HanoiLightNode speed test
Phnom PenhLightNode speed test
Ho Chi MinhLightNode speed test
Hong KongLightNode speed test
TaipeiLightNode speed test
SeoulLightNode speed test
JohannesburgLightNode speed test
SingaporeLightNode speed test
ManilaLightNode speed test
DhakaLightNode speed test
Sao PauloLightNode speed test
JeddahLightNode speed test
TokyoLightNode speed test
CairoLightNode speed test
BahrainLightNode speed test
SofiaLightNode speed test
AthensLightNode speed test
Kuala LumpurLightNode speed test
LondonLightNode speed test
MuscatLightNode speed test
Kuwait CityLightNode speed test
MarseilleLightNode speed test
KarachiLightNode speed test
kathmanduLightNode speed test
MoscowLightNode speed test
Buenos AiresLightNode speed test
JakartaLightNode speed test
Mexico CityLightNode speed test
SantiagoLightNode speed test
YangonLightNode speed test
BaghdadLightNode speed test
BogotaLightNode speed test
LightNode Global's Infrastructure
Platform Introduction + Advantages
PC+Mobile terminal
Customized Configurations
Deploy with one-click
Transparent Cost
More resources, less cost
  • LightNode resource
    1 vCPU 2GBComputer
    50 GBStorage
    2000 GBNetwork
  • LightNode resource
    1 vCPU 2GBComputer
    50 GBStorage
    2000 GBNetwork
  • LightNode resource
    1 vCPU 2GBComputer
    50 GBStorage
    2000 GBNetwork
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BEDGE CDN officially changed its name to LightCDN, and LightCDN will provide a free plan for LightNode users. View More

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