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The cPanel is the most popular web hosting control system in the world. It is powerful and easy to use.

On cPanel hosting, you can control everything without contacting the server provider to open or adjust any features. And all the features you want can be done at the control interface by yourself. There is a 99% chance that the features that the cPanel doesn't have are completely not suitable in the virtual hosting environment.


Users can operate all web hosting functions through cPanel, including:

* Email management: new, delete email accounts, change password, auto-reply, email forwarding, spam filtering.

* Webmail: Web mailbox, send and receive Email through the browser web interface

* Domain management: Multi-domain binding, second-level domain name settings.

* FTP management: create, delete FTP accounts, set permissions, FTP process management.

* File Manager: create, delete, edit, and manage folders and files through the browser file manager.

* Space usage statistics: displays account space usage.

* Backup management: create, download and manage account backups, database backups.

* Database management: create, delete, manage databases and database users, phpMyAdmin database management tool.

* Traffic statistics tool: graphical display of website traffic statistics, raw log file management, error logs.

* Pre-installed programs: pre-installed popular blogs, forums, shopping carts.

* Other features: such as password-protected directories, URL steering, custom error pages, Cron Jobs, and anti-theft links.