1. What is IDC

IDC is the Internet Data Center, translated as the Internet Data Center. As an important network service platform for NSP business, it provides large-scale, high-quality, safe and reliable professional server hosting, space rental, network wholesale bandwidth through a high-speed connection with a backbone network, with the help of rich network resources to web enterprises and traditional enterprises.

2. what is bandwidth

The so-called bandwidth can be commonly understood as the maximum amount of data traffic per unit of time to access the network. If you use a 100M network switch, the LAN bandwidth can reach 100M; if you use a 10M switch, it can only reach 10M.

This can be understood together with the "broadband" and "narrowband" users launched by the telecom department, the so-called "narrowband" users generally refer to dial-up Internet users. Users, through MODEM dial-up Internet speed generally does not exceed 64K, bandwidth is very narrow; while "broadband" users refer to ADSL or community broadband network users, Internet access speed can reach 512K-100M ranging, bandwidth is wider.

3. The form of bandwidth of server hosting

The bandwidth provided by the hosting provider, now there are mainly two forms, one is exclusive, such as exclusive 1 megabyte, exclusive 10 megabytes, exclusive 100 megabytes, which means that your server can exclusively enjoy this bandwidth, not shared with other servers, will not be interfered with by other servers, more expensive; another form is the most common 100 megabytes of shared, as the name suggests, is a cabinet has 100M bandwidth, for this The other form is the most common 100 megabytes of shared bandwidth, as the name suggests, is a cabinet with 100M bandwidth for all the servers in the cabinet to share (generally put a dozen or so, but also have a heart to put dozens of units), this form is now the most common, the lowest price, performance is also good, generally we look at the various sites of server hosting offers are referred to this form. It should be stressed that exclusive and shared are two completely different concepts, and the price of the two is not the same, even if the exclusive 1M price is more expensive than the shared 100 megabytes.

4. What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the use of special hardware and software technology to divide a computer host into a "virtual" host, each virtual host has an independent domain name and IP address (or a shared IP address), with full Internet server functions. In the same hardware, the same operating system, running for multiple users to open different server programs, do not interfere with each other; and each user has its own part of the system resources (IP address, file storage space, memory, CPU time, etc.). The web hosts are completely independent of each other, and each web host appears to the outside world to behave exactly the same as a stand-alone host.

5. what is server hosting, what is the difference between web hosting and server hosting

Server hosting refers to the customer's own purchase of host [or rent] server, and the installation of the corresponding system software and application software to achieve exclusive access to a dedicated high-performance server, to achieve WEB + FTP + MAIL + DNS all network services, you can save the high cost of dedicated lines and network equipment. Server hosting business can be subdivided into server hosting and web hosting. "Server hosting" is to place a server in a company with a network environment connected to the Internet or rent a server from it, and the customer can configure the server as a WWW, E-mail, Ftp server through remote control. Web hosting" means that the hard disk of a UNIX or NT system is subdivided, and each of the subdivided hard disk spaces can be configured as a WWW, e-mail, FTP server with independent domain name and IP address. Such a server, when viewed by people, can not see that it is sharing a hosting system resources with others. The user who rents space on this machine can have full control over the part of the space that belongs to him through remote control technology, such as file transfer (FTP), such as the downloading of information, configuration of application functions, etc. It should be said that through the "web hosting" this way to have an independent site, its performance to price ratio is much higher than their own construction and maintenance of a server, this way of establishing the site is increasingly being used by enterprises and institutions.

6. Advantages of server hosting business

1. lower cost

2. compared with the separate construction of server rooms and leased dedicated line Internet access, its overall operating costs have been greatly reduced.

3. High reliability

4. Telecom-grade server room provides professional operation services

5. Professional technicians are responsible for maintenance

6. stable network

7. higher security performance

8. High-speed optical fiber directly connected to ChinaNet backbone nodes, effectively guaranteeing the stability and high speed of the network

9. users can choose any 2M-100M access rate

10. good flexibility

11. fast user start-up service

12. hosting network equipment

13. easy to expand

7. Types of server hosting

Generally speaking, there are 4 types of servers, 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U

1U = 1.75 inches

The PC we generally use is 4U

The application of 1U server in the field of colocation is very practical. Hosting 1U server is definitely the cheapest hosting fee compared to hosting other kinds of servers. Because the hosting fees of the server room are calculated according to how much 1U is per year, if your server height is too high, you will undoubtedly have to pay more hosting fees.

8 What are the factors affecting the server access speed

1) The hardware configuration of the server

2) The environment and speed of the network where the server is located

3) The server's network environment and the Internet backbone connection rate

4) The international export rate of ChinaNet

5) The access rate of the port opened to the client by the visitor's ISP

6) The configuration of the visitor's computer, the rate of the Modem, the quality of the telephone line, etc.

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