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Which is the best virtual space in Hong Kong?At present, it is not only the cheapest virtual space for users in Hong Kong, but also the cheapest space for virtual website construction and management. It is also the best space for novices in Hong Kong.

Which is the best virtual space in Hong Kong?How to choose?

Hong Kong virtual space, also known as Hong Kong Space and Hong Kong virtual host, is the most basic server for connecting to the Internet. Because the servers in Hong Kong are different from those in China, we need to pay attention to the speed and space stability when selecting a good Hong Kong virtual space. After all, regardless of the size of the space, speed and stability are the basis for ensuring the optimization effect of the website,How to choose a good Hong Kong virtual space?

We can refer to several conditions:

1Route: since Hong Kong is close to the mainland, but it is also different, in order to ensure the fastest access speed, we can choose a better route, such as BGP + cn2 GIA.

2Exclusive IP: Although the resources of Hong Kong virtual space are shared, IP needs to be exclusive, which also plays a role in the optimization effect of the website.

3Space function: Here we mainly look at whether Hong Kong virtual space can meet the needs, such as some special programs or functions, which can not be supported or realized by Hong Kong virtual space.

4. number of websites: many Hong Kong virtual hosts we purchased in the past can only place one website, so once there are other websites or programs, we can only purchase Hong Kong virtual space or Hong Kong cloud server. The Hong Kong virtual space provided by HENGCHUANG technology can support at least two websites, depending on whether individuals have such needs (not selected).

5. Service providers: many service providers providing Hong Kong virtual space are only provided by cloud servers purchased by individuals. Not only are resources limited, IP is still shared, but there is no service guarantee. Therefore, in order to ensure services, we should choose IDC service providers with certain strength or brand awareness, such as lightnode, a well-known domestic IDC service provider in Hong Kong,Here we will provide you with more high-quality services and value-added discounts.