Foreign cloud servers are recommended.I don't know when there was an upsurge of foreign cloud servers in China. Although many people now prefer to compare with foreign cloud servers, they don't know much about the choice of foreign cloud servers. Most of the foreign cloud servers they buy are either slow or difficult to use. Let's talk about how to choose foreign cloud servers and recommend super easy-to-use foreign cloud servers.

How to select foreign cloud servers?

If foreign cloud servers are selected well or appropriately, they not only have advantages over domestic cloud servers in terms of performance and resources, but also have lower prices than domestic cloud servers. For how to select good foreign cloud servers, we can start from the following aspects:

1. Distance: as long as it is related to the server speed, it is related to the line distance from the server room to the target. The closer the distance, the faster the speed. If the business is in China and foreign ECS is selected, it is recommended to select countries in Southeast Asia, such as Korean ECS and Vietnamese ECs, which are good in terms of speed.

2. Machine room: the performance of foreign ECS is good, but there are also some bad ones. Therefore, when we choose a good foreign ECs, we should pay attention to whether the machine room has strength or popularity. After all, the performance of machine room servers with a certain popularity will not be poor.

3. User group: if it is a choice for foreign trade purposes, it is strongly recommended to choose a local cloud server. For example, if an enterprise is engaged in U.S. foreign trade business, it should choose an American cloud server. Similarly, this also has something to do with the first point. After all, this is like our domestic users accessing domestic cloud servers.

4. Price: the second is the price. Few foreign ECs are more expensive than domestic ECs. As long as you pay attention to the above points, it is not a problem to choose foreign ECS with high cost performance.