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Which is a good American virtual machine?American virtual machine, also known as American cloud server, is the most popular foreign cloud server in China. It has the advantages of no filing, rich resources and high cost performance. However, there are many service providers in the market, so how to select the performance of American virtual machine? Let's talk about which American virtual machine is good and how to select American virtual machine.

How to select us virtual machines?

How to judge whether the performance of an American virtual machine is good enough?OK, what are the guarantees for us virtual machines?You can refer to the following conditions:

1. Cn2 line: since the United States is far from China, in order to ensure access speed and delay, it is best to choose an American virtual machine with cn2 GIA line.

2. Computer room: the greater the strength of the data center computer room, it can indirectly prove the stability of the U.S. virtual machine server, followed by the location of the computer room. The U.S. computer room can be divided into East and West. We'd better choose a computer room close to us, such as Washington and silicon Valley computer rooms, to physically improve the server speed.

3. Brand service provider: a brand IDC service provider that provides U.S. virtual machines. You can learn about the advantages and services of U.S. virtual machines on the service provider's official website. If you choose a brand service provider, the rights and interests of users will be protected.

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