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How To Rent a VPS Server?There are many kinds of servers, such as American servers, Korean servers, Japanese servers, etc., and the cost performance of each server is different. The corresponding demand is extra, so many people don't know how to choose and rent a server. Let's talk about how to decide to rent foreign servers.

How to rent a VPS?

Renting servers is the same as domestic servers. It would be best if you chose according to your own website needs. There are all kinds of servers, and their performance will be different so the use effect will be different. Also, you can choose different operating systems from a VPS server.

However, no matter what the industry needs, renting servers is inseparable from access speed, high-quality resources, cost performance, etc. For the requirements of the reference website, please pay attention to the following points:

1. Speed: the access speed of the website is always the selection condition.

Therefore, when selecting VPS servers, you need to choose the nearest foreign server or the VPS server closest to the user, followed by selecting lines. If they are domestic users, choose BGP & CN2 GIA lines for foreign servers.

If they are foreign trade, a simple BGP line is enough. Because the reason affecting the server speed is the distance and line, the foreign server selected by referring to these two points is stronger than other foreign servers.

2. High-quality resources: such as bandwidth and IP, especially foreign servers.

Due to the characteristics of fewer content restrictions, many domestic users choose foreign servers to engage in some domestic industries, resulting in IP being blocked and illegal history. This kind of IP is difficult to optimize in search engines, as well as bandwidth and lines; Different service providers use the bandwidth lines of the same operator at different speeds, which depends on the service provider's ability to optimize the bandwidth lines.

In addition, there is another kind, like the cn2 server line, but there is a distinction between cn2 GIA and cn2 GT. The cn2 GIA line is the highest level line of cn2, and its performance is also higher than that of cn2 GT, but the cost of cn2 GIA is higher. These are the embodiment of resource quality.

Test cn2 speed VPS

3. There are many servers with the same bandwidth and cost performance as those in the United States, but only servers in Vietnam and Hong Kong have the lowest cost-performance ratio, except for servers in other countries.

Then, Korean servers are a better choice for VPS servers in China, and their performance, price, and speed are similar to those in Hong Kong.


How to choose to rent VPS servers? Here we only focus on a few fVPS servers common in China. Generally speaking, the cost performance of American servers is relatively high. Although the speed cannot be compared, there are many ways to improve the server speed, mainly depending on how users identify the value of their servers.

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