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Hong Kong ECS is attacked by DDoS. What should I do?Hong Kong ECS is the most commonly used server by our ordinary webmasters. It is also very affordable in all aspects. Although it has many advantages, the only disadvantage is that it can not resist DDoS attacks. Once Hong Kong ECS is attacked by DDoS, it will immediately fall into a state of slow response and no access. So how can we prevent Hong Kong ECs from being attacked by DDoS?Let's talk about what to do when Hong Kong ECS is attacked by DDoS.

Hong Kong ECS is attacked by DDoS. What should I do?

Although we cannot avoid being attacked by DDoS, we can mitigate or resist DDoS / cc and other malicious traffic attacks through the following methods:

1. Speed limit: as you understand, limit the rate of each IP(It can only be effective against a small number of DDoS attacks, but it is not recommended, which can easily affect the access speed of normal users)

2. Restrict access: apply one size fits all to suspicious sources, restrict regional access, and provide services only in areas where users are concentrated.Reduce the pressure on the server (not recommended, the traffic itself is relatively small, and the traffic will be further reduced in restricted areas)

3. increase bandwidth: increasing the bandwidth of ECs in Hong Kong can also protect against DDoS attacks, but the cost will be very high if you want to completely resist attacks through bandwidth.

4. CDN: the CDN node can effectively reduce the pressure on the server and has the ability to defend against DDoS attacks.

5. Advanced anti DDoS IP: you can access lightnode Hong Kong advanced anti DDoS IP in just a few minutes, with a maximum defense value of 500g.

6. Advanced anti DDoS service: the Hong Kong advanced anti DDoS ECS service provided by lightnode is specifically designed for Hong Kong ECs to be attacked by DDoS, which can help Hong Kong ECs to resist DDoS / cc attacks.

The above methods help Hong Kong ECS mitigate and resist DDoS / cc attacks without changing servers. In addition, we can also change to Hong Kong advanced anti DDoS servers with ultra-high defense to eliminate frequent DDoS traffic attacks.